Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How To Browse More Securely in Cyber Cafe or on Public PCs ?

How To Browse More Securely in Cyber Cafe or on Public PCs ? Learn on the serious topic of how you can browse more securely on others/Public PCs or when you are in Cyber Cafe.Yes , it is a very serious topic that how you can browse whenever are far from your personal PC and at that time you have to browse from any cyber cafe without any idea of whether the Systems are secure or not for browsing , and you have to open your important online accounts like Internet banking ,Credit/Debit Card transactions , Official Email-IDs ,Blogging Account and Social networking account like(Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn) which shows your virtual or vital public presence .Without knowing how others manage their system security , you signing in to your account and a day you will shocked that your account have been misused and you do not know anything about what happened , why happened.

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  1) First of all ensure that you are using a Updated browser software.

  2) Check which antivirus is running on that system , if antivirus is not available so it is such critical condition for you.

  3) Use or Turn on the Private Mode function if it is available for this you can you trusted browser like Internet      Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

  4) Always use the Virtual Keyboard for entering username and password for Internet Banking.

  5) Never Click on Check box saying (stay signed in , remember me) often can be find below the password textbox       because it will store your username and password in cookies and Cookies can be traced and converted into the         readable format with base64 string.

  6) Always clean the browser Cookies after your browsing over or before leaving the PC and also try to clear Cache      too.

  7) Never leave the Browser window open ,close it Completely.

  8) Download a virtual keyboard and keep it in your pen drive for entering username and password if possible.

These tricks are more important and tested to secure your online account whenever you are on Public PCs , if you use this trick so there will be less chances to get hacked you online accounts.

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