Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How to create a Foursquare app ?

Hi Friends Previously I am Explain about how to create Facebook , Twitter and Google App, Now Expalin about how to create Foursquare App It is very is process completed in 3 steps.
1. Go to Developers section of FourSquare and click on My Apps at the top of the page.Foursquare

2. Click on CREATE A NEW APP.

Note:Here I am already login to my Account, If your not login displaying login page.

3. Enter Download / welcome page url and Callback url given on Provider Settings page of LoginRadius account. Fill out rest of the fields accordingly and click on SAVE CHANGES when you are done.

4.FourSquare will generate the Client ID and Client Secret which you can copy and add to LoginRadius.

Your Successfully completed Creation of app and got Client id,Client secret keys.

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