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Google API – Get contact list

Google API – Get contact list I am going to tell you about inviting friends. I think that this is the most important part for every website, a key to success. Today I will show you how to create simple and effective Gmail contact importer using OAuth authorization and API. Also, I will tell about obtaining Google API access too.

As the first step – lets prepare our own project in Google API console, please open this link  and create your project. Then we need goto ‘API Access’ section and click ‘Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID’ button. Now we should fill a name for our new project:

Click next button, and, at the second step we should set URL of our destination page:

Finally, we’ve got our Client ID and secret (or – consumer key and secret):

Now – download the source files from Here  and lets start coding

  if (version_compare(phpversion(), "5.3.0", ">=")  == 1)
    error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED);
    error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE); 

 $sClientId = 'Your Google Client Id';
 $sClientSecret = 'Your Client Secret ';
 $sCallback = 'http://localhost/srinu/googleapi/index.php'; // change it to your call back url!
 $iMaxResults = 90; // max results
 $sStep = 'auth'; // current step



 // prepare new instances of GmailOath  and GmailGetContacts
 $oAuth = new GmailOath($sClientId, $sClientSecret, $argarray, false, $sCallback);
 $oGetContacts = new GmailGetContacts();

if ($_GET && $_GET['oauth_token']) {

    $sStep = 'fetch_contacts'; // fetch contacts step

    // decode request token and secret
    $sDecodedToken = $oAuth->rfc3986_decode($_GET['oauth_token']);
    $sDecodedTokenSecret = $oAuth->rfc3986_decode($_SESSION['oauth_token_secret']);

    // get 'oauth_verifier'
    $oAuthVerifier = $oAuth->rfc3986_decode($_GET['oauth_verifier']);

    // prepare access token, decode it, and obtain contact list
    $oAccessToken = $oGetContacts->get_access_token($oAuth, $sDecodedToken, $sDecodedTokenSecret, $oAuthVerifier, false, true, true);
    $sAccessToken = $oAuth->rfc3986_decode($oAccessToken['oauth_token']);
    $sAccessTokenSecret = $oAuth->rfc3986_decode($oAccessToken['oauth_token_secret']);
    $aContacts = $oGetContacts->GetContacts($oAuth, $sAccessToken, $sAccessTokenSecret, false, true, $iMaxResults);

    // turn array with contacts into html string
    $sContacts = $sContactName = '';
    foreach($aContacts as $k => $aInfo) {
        $sContactName = end($aInfo['title']);
        $aLast = end($aContacts[$k]);
        foreach($aLast as $aEmail) {
            $sContacts .= '<p>' . $sContactName . '(' . $aEmail['address'] . ')</p>';
  } else {
    // prepare access token and set it into session
    $oRequestToken = $oGetContacts->get_request_token($oAuth, false, true, true);
    $_SESSION['oauth_token'] = $oRequestToken['oauth_token'];
    $_SESSION['oauth_token_secret'] = $oRequestToken['oauth_token_secret'];

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" >
        <meta charset="utf-8" />
        <title>Google API - Get contact list | Sri info</title>
       <h1> Get Contect List using Google api<h1>

    <?php if ($sStep == 'auth'): ?>
        <h3>Step 1. OAuth</h3>
        <h4>Please click <a href="<?php echo $oAuth->rfc3986_decode($oRequestToken['oauth_token']) ?>">this link</a> in order to get access token to receive contacts</h4>
    <?php elseif ($sStep == 'fetch_contacts'): ?>
        <h2>Step 2. Results</h2>
        <?= $sContacts ?>
    <?php endif ?>

When we click authorization button, it will open google authorization page, where we should grant access for our application to get our contact list:

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